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Judge the fault type according to the problem of the busbar processing machine

How to judge the fault type according to the problem of the busbar processing machine?

(1) Based on the location where the fault occurs, it is divided into hardware faults and software faults. Hardware failure refers to the abnormal state or even damage of electronics, electrical components, printed circuit boards, wires and cables, connectors, etc. This is a failure that can be eliminated only after repair or replacement. The software fault generally refers to the fault generated in the PLC logic control program, which can be eliminated only by entering or modifying some data or even modifying the PLC program. Part processing program failure is also a software failure. The most serious software failure is the defect or even loss of the CNC system software, which can only be solved by contacting the manufacturer or its service organization.

  (2) According to whether there is an indication when the fault occurs, it is divided into a fault with a diagnosis indication and a fault without a diagnosis indication. Today's CNC systems are designed with perfect self-diagnostic programs, which monitor the software and hardware performance of the entire system in real time. Once a fault is found, it will immediately alarm or display a brief text description on the screen. Combined with the diagnostic manual equipped with the system, You can find the cause and location of the fault, and there are tips on how to eliminate it. The machine tool manufacturer will also design relevant fault indications and diagnosis instructions for the specific machine tool. The above-mentioned two parts of faults with diagnostic indications plus various indicators on various electrical devices make it easier to troubleshoot most electrical faults. Part of the failure without diagnostic indication is caused by the incompleteness of the above two diagnostic programs (such as the switch is not closed, the plug is loose, etc.). This type of failure depends on the working process before the failure, the failure phenomenon and the consequences, and the maintenance personnel's familiarity and technical level of the machine tool to analyze and eliminate it.

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  (3) The fault is divided into destructive faults and non-destructive faults based on whether they are destructive when they occur. Destructive failures, damage to workpieces or even machine tool failures are not allowed to be reproduced during maintenance. At this time, they can only be eliminated by corresponding inspection and analysis based on the phenomenon when the failure occurs. The technical difficulty is high and there are certain risks. If the workpiece may be damaged, you can remove the workpiece and try to reproduce the failure process, but you should be very careful.

  (4) According to the probability of failure, it is divided into systematic failure and random failure. Systemic failures refer to certain failures that will surely occur as long as certain conditions are met; random failures refer to failures that occur occasionally under the same conditions. The analysis of such failures is more difficult, usually related to the mechanical structure of the machine tool. Local looseness and misalignment, drift or reduced reliability of some electrical workpieces, and excessive internal temperature of electrical devices are related. The analysis of this type of failure requires trial and error and comprehensive judgment before it can be eliminated.

  (5) Measured by the motion quality characteristics of CNC machine tools, it is a failure of the machine tool motion characteristics to decline. In this case, although the machine tool can run normally, it cannot produce qualified workpieces. For example, the positioning accuracy of the machine tool is out of tolerance, the reverse dead zone is too large, and the coordinate operation is not stable. This type of fault must be diagnosed by the testing instrument to determine the mechanical and electrical links that produce the error, and then eliminated by optimizing the mechanical transmission system, numerical control system and servo system.

    Although there are various faults of the CNC bus processing machine, there are evidences to follow. As long as you pay more attention to the normal operation specifications of the CNC bus processing machine, problems can be easily resolved according to the above conditions.