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The origin and difference of multi-station busbar processing machine

1. The origin of the three-in-one busbar processing machine?

    The busbar processing machine is a popular product in the hydraulic tool industry. Because there will be busbar punching, busbar cutting, busbar bending and other processes when processing copper and aluminum busbars during power construction, the manufacturer has designed a three-in-one At the beginning, the product was mainly composed of hydraulic punching machine, hydraulic bending machine, and hydraulic cutting machine.

2. The reason for the four-in-one busbar processing machine?

    Three-in-one busbar processing machines have been widely used. Of course, the busbar processing is not only the cutting and bending procedures of the punching machine, but also the design of vertical bending, bus embossing, hydraulic clamp crimping, hydraulic shearing and other processes. Therefore, the manufacturer re-three-in-one A station is added on the basis to form a four-in-one bus processing machine.

3. What is the difference between a three-in-one busbar processing machine and a four-in-one busbar processing machine?

    There is no essential difference between the three-in-one busbar processing machine and the four-in-one busbar processing machine. The main thing is that the four-in-one has one more station than the three-in-one. The operation is the same as the three-in-one busbar processing machine. .