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How to prevent rust on CNC busbar processing machine?

Everyone knows that any machine is best used when it is first bought. After a period of use, it will feel slow, the operation is not so delicate, and the products handled are not so lubricated.

The same is true for the CNC busbar processing machine. When I first bought it, I thought it was a bit easy to use. The more I used it, the more I felt that the machine feels not so right, but this is not a question of the machine itself. How to make the busbar processing machine always adhere to the best operation Today, let’s briefly analyze the situation for us. Most customers don’t even have the most basic maintenance, and let them develop.

First and foremost, we must focus on punctual protection and maintenance of the CNC busbar processing machine. It is more convenient and more economical to insist on doing something more often than to send a shortcoming to repair.  

    Another discovery is that the CNC busbar processing machine has always been in the process of overloading. After the CNC busbar processing machine is used for a long time, it must be allowed to rest. We will check the wear of each component. Make simple adjustments and then let it enter the work position, continue high-pressure work, even if it is a machine, it will not hold up. There is also a more serious point. Workers do not read the operating instructions and start to operate at will. This is expressly prohibited and emphasized again and again.

The error operation method is facing the abyss, whether it is the CNC busbar processing machine or the operation of the machine. Buyers must provide in-depth counseling on the situation.

Doing every detail well can make the service life of the bus processing machine a little longer and the usage condition better. In order to maintain the best use of the bus processing machine, you should take action on the points mentioned above.  

    The rust of the CNC busbar processing machine is a question that is not easy to handle if it occurs. When the customer does not do a reasonable anti-rust work and the rust of the busbar processing machine occurs, we indicate that it is appropriate and impossible.

Not only seriously affects the beauty of the CNC busbar processing machine, it may also affect the normal use of customers. The following are some good ways to prevent rust that we have summarized for us, I hope we can learn together.

    1: The CNC busbar processing machine should be used indoors as much as possible, and the indoor monotony should be adhered to, and the waterproof method should be done well. It should not be placed in the open air and exposed to wind and sun.

    2: Try not to rain as much as possible, perhaps reduce the use of CNC busbar processing machines in humid seasons, and insist on indoor monotony, not affected by rain, and if possible, you can cover it with a waterproof cover.

    3: Punctually check whether the CNC busbar processing machine appears to be rusty, and clean it up in time. Take precautions before they happen, and do the key work on the rust prevention of the busbar processing machine.